Work With Loriel Starr

Loriel offers services that have a common theme of supporting self-discovery and self-empowerment. Healing could be described as returning home to our inherent sense of resiliency, vitality and well-being.

​”I came to see Loriel during a challenging time in my life. I was separating from my husband, found her through a Sound Sanctuary event at a yoga studio. Overall she has not only helped me handle current stress, but also helped heal and release past stresses/traumas. I’ve been so amazed at the effectiveness of this work. Unless I had actually experienced this release for myself, I don’t think I would’ve thought it possible.”
-Karen W., Economist, San Francisco, CA

Loriel draws on her extensive toolkit of healing modalities to treat her clients for an array of issues and conditions, including:

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Insomnia and Sleep Problems
  • Physical Symptoms of Chronic Stress
  • Phobias and Unresolved Grief
  • Sexual trauma
  • Anger issues from childhood abuse
  • Post psychedelic drug trauma
  • Low self esteem

Work with Loriel privately in person (San Francisco, CA) or via phone or Skype.

“I would be honored to work with you and support your own unique journey home to yourself.” – Loriel