Yoga Nidra Meditation & iRest®

Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) is an ancient and unique method of guided meditation. A Yoga Nidra session can be experienced either lying down or seated comfortably.

In a Yoga Nidra session you are invited to explore a sequence of meditative stages that facilitate the release of accumulated physical, emotional and mental tension. As brain waves slow and your nervous system calms, deep restoration and healing occur effortlessly. Yoga Nidra reveals that each of us has our own inner source of peace and well-being.

iRest® (Integrative Restoration) is a modern adaption of Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). iRest® is a research based protocol that provides a systematic method for promoting healing, stress reduction and self-regulation. iRest® is used in the treatment of trauma, P.T.S.D., and many stress related illnesses; such as insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

For Body, Mind & Spirit
Loriel Starr


iRest®  Yoga Therapy & Yoga Nidra
Individual Sessions

Individual sessions of iRest®  offer support during challenging life transitions; or with specific issues such as anxiety, depression;, chronic pain, insomnia and any stress related health conditions.  I also work with clients that are challenged by trauma  and  P.T.S.D.

Individual iRest® sessions can be experienced as an interactive dyad (one on one)  or as an iRest® Yoga Nidra guided meditation that is tailored to support your specific needs.

iRest®  dyad sessions explore the sensations, feelings, emotions, images, beliefs or insights that emerge spontaneously through the course of an interactive exploration.  Each session supports the discovery of your own inherent capacity for self healing and inner guidance.